Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh No...pls help

Last night was trying to receive some payment from PayPerPost, unfortunately I was unable to finish the claiming. Paypal now request us to insert US bank account details which we don't have (or will never got chance to open one!). Feel a bit disappointed; quickly check with other blogger who did paid post. The result is all of us affected!

Michelle reminds me to send a ticket to Paypal, seek for help. I submit immediately coz I don't want my hard earned money stuck there for no reason. She told me someone even called to Paypal US, to ask for actual status. Feel a bit relief, coz me not alone. Just put my finger cross, hoping they will do something and remove the requirement. Else, they are going to loss lot of business online.

Yeah, no joke!


snoopy said...

I think there are more ppl out of US state do not have US account. So, just sit tight and see what happen.