Thursday, May 31, 2007

Opps, sorry

Few days ago, I blog about my McD voucher. I saw someone commented and request for it, but too bad I had spent almost RM70 of it my family member at the same day. I brought the girls, together with my mom, my sister from KL plus her 2 boys to McD AK for dinner.

As for the balance voucher I had decided to give as birthday voucher for my friend's daughter. Sorry ya, Miche, I'll bid again this month, hopefully I can win the KFC voucher, then I also can treat Snoopy as well! :)


miche said...

sop sop sop...i want McD voucher!!!
btw, where to bid for it?

Jesslyn said...

I bid from Ecosway website. I am a member of it.