Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do Good – Charity Shopping

Have you ever that while doing online shopping, you also can do charity and helping others? Frankly, this is my first time heard about it and I found it pretty cool!

All you have to do is downloading Do Good toolbar from and start shop online. After you had purchased something from the merchants, they will donate at least 50% of the revenue to the charity body. What impress me is they are going to donate over 90% of revenue to charity once they achieve sufficient volume. That’s lot of money though, how they are going to make profit out of it then? Well, their main mission is not profit oriented but to help others and Do Good to the world.

If you always like to shop online, and wish to do charity as well, why not download Do Good toolbar into your PC now? The download is FREE, no spyware or viruses, no pop up or hijack your searches and also no personal information or sign in registration too. A very simple way to do charity, right?

Other that allow you to shop online, Do Good toolbar also provides other benefits to you such as notify you when receive email from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts, listen to National Public Radio news broadcast, hourly update and programs, up-to-date local and global weather forecasts and act as an search engine.