Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Everthing is expensive now.

This morning Wien ask for kaya bun as breakfast. I drove her to nearby stall to buy. Gave her 70 cents and asked her buy it herself. Short while she came back to me, said short of 10 cents. Wow, since when bun also increase price? How come I dont know about it? I remember not long ago, I bought it at 70 cents. Now so fast up 10 cents. Perhaps you will say 10 cents is very little, but if you count as percentage, it come to 14%!!! This is a huge increase for a bun! Our salary increment never reach above 10% too! *sigh*

Lately we can hear lot of essential thing increase in price, including milk powder, sugar and more to come! Everything is UP UP UP but ....our increment till now yet to adjust. Boss, when are you willing to do the adjustment for us!


karenyiau said...

Jess, I think our increment rate will never be able to catch up with the inflation rate.....sigh