Thursday, May 17, 2007

Further your study

My hubby obtained his MBA last year, after 2 years of attending the class at local university by part time basis. He has to attend the classes during weekend due to he is still working. See, how many weeks of weekend he been sacrificed for his studies, and he also no time to spend quality time with the family too. But all these are worth it coz that’s his dream, as his wife, I’ve to try my best to fulfill his wishes.

I thought after getting his MBA, he’ll stop study and concentrate on his current career. But I was wrong. Last week he told me if possible he wants to pursue PhD. My Goodness, that’s mean he is going to sacrifice many weekend again. *sigh*

Later I convinced him to seek for his desired online degrees and education via distance learning schools and online colleges in Directory of Schools. This can save him lot of time to do the searching since lot of information can be obtained from the web. Moreover most of the online schools offer job replacement after graduates. This will be pretty good for those fresh graduates.