Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barney & friends

Early morning, before heading to office, the TV is showing Barney show.

Back from office at evening time, the TV still show Barney.

Dinner time, the girls beg me on the Barney DVD for them.

Before bed time, they ask again for Barney and friends. OMG, it seem whole day our house can hear Barney voice! LOL I heard many of you agreed that Barney is the best babysister for us but watching too frequent will cause bored to me ler! Occasionally I will say NO to them, mommy wants to watch movie too! If they good mood, then ok, else the first one cry is LYON!!!

SIL#3 likes to buy or burn Barney DVD for them too. Now they have many Barney collection in cabinet. Tell you what, I even can sing all Barney songs now! LOL