Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My personal car plate numbers

Hubby and I start saving money now in order to own a new MPV by end of this year. This is due to hubby’s car keep giving him trouble and been sending for repair many time too. We think it’s time for us to own new car now.

My concern now is to get a nice and easy to remember number for my car number plates. I found a website from internet where it allows car owners to search their desired number plates from their massive selection of private number plates. Besides that you also can search for ageless car registrations, prefix type registration numbers and current style number plates. I always tell hubby that in future I want my name to be printed on car plate and the car number should indicate my birthday..hehe..I am going to tell him NorthUmbriaNumbers able to assist me to achieve my dream car plate number!

The best part is NorthUmbriaNumber able to do all the transfer paperwork for us and can save us lot of time.