Friday, May 18, 2007

Such a "High hat" to me!

Last night, someone ping me to read this post :

Wow, he really gave me BIG and HIGH hat to wear I tell you. The reason I am getting him to write paid post is he always complain to me that he is short of money, money not enough to spend, need to pay this and that, bla bla bla. Since I have such opportunity to earn side income, why not introduce to him. After all this money meant to let public to grab it, provided you are hardworking lar.

Actually he is my good partner too (opps, don’t think the other way round ya). Good partner in the sense that he helped me indirectly grabbed few offers from advertisers by informing me at the first time, either sms or buzz me! See, he also helping me earning money.

My quote: good thing must share share, don’t keep it to yourself.


Eric said...

so.. thinking to have another free lunch from you ler. haha! :-)
Wait me earn more than i expect first, then i treat u eat KFC huh! ;)