Saturday, May 19, 2007

My diet plan

As I mentioned in earlier post, I wish to lose some weight after my medication. So coincidence I received an email on how to shave off some kilos from our body. I am not sure how it work but I will use it some basic guideline for my diet.

Here there are some useful tips:

1. Eat big breakfast. Medium lunch and small dinner. Never supper. ( this one I can obey coz I seldom take supper)

2. Eat less fat and make sure the fats you do eat are healthy. This means schewing trans fats while focusing on monosaturated fats and omega-3 oils(olive, canola, flaxseed, walnut, soy beans) . ( I hardly take oily food ler)

3. Follow a healthy menu by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables (low calorie dense, but high nutrient and volume - good to fill stomach and replenish nutrition for body) in your diet and consuming small amounts of lean meat, fish, healthy fats and whole grains (Oat, sprouted bread, unpolished rice, corn, chappati etc). Stay away from full-fat dairy products and food with added sweeteners. ( looks like I have scarified my fast food by now)

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise -- RUN - RUN - RUN. (hahaha….this is most lazy thing I will do, but must do it now if really want to diet)

5. Cut back on refined carbohydrate ie biscuit, doughnut, pastry, nyonya kuih. (nodded my head)

6. Do regular weigh-in. Successful dieters weigh themselves at least once a week. (hahaha…I weigh almost daily !!)

7. Limit your food selections in each meal. Variety tends to stimulate appetite.(Yup)