Thursday, May 10, 2007

Renovate my house

Our house so far never does any major renovation since we moved in. mainly due to tight budget and scare the mess. However not long ago, I told hubby we should spend some money to renovate portion by portion now. my first portion to renovate will be my kitchen follow by the dining hall.

I had been heard so many cases from my friends that the contractor they hired did not have good workmanship after the renovation is done. The worst part is they will charge some cost that is not in the agreement. Looks like it is not easy to find out reputable contractor.

I found OnCallContractors has a quick and easy contractor matching system for Home Improvement Contractors. It has set up an elite group of contractors to assist in homeowners home improvement needs. They have contractor for residential as well as commercial. Their contractors are prescreened to ensure all of them are skillful enough to handle any home improvement project. The best part is the contractors are licensed and insured by OnCallContractors.

Ok, I will try to fill up their online form to find one contractor that match to my needs as well as my expectations.