Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Down Under Guys Gear

Mother’s day just over and I did not receive any surprise present from dear hubby, as expected. However I did receive a lovely cake from him, it is sufficient for me coz I am not a demanding wife. Buying present to each other during any occasions is not a trend to both of us. Not that we are old to celebrate these dates but we were thinking it is not necessary to choose this date only think of to buy present for each other. We can buy as and when we like, am I right?

This year Father’s day I plan to buy something for dear hubby coz I came across a site that selling all kind of branded of mens underwear. Down Under Guys Gear (DUGG) is Australia’s leading online men’s underwear store. The brands that listes by the website including Calvin Klein (hubby’s favorite), C-in2, HOM, Hiswear, bonds, Trent Nathan and many more.

DUGG has a great reputation for quality products and excellent service. They are based in Sydney Australia and have been shipping men’s underwear worldwide for more than 5 years. The best service provided by them is FREE delivery for Australia orders over $50au and all international orders that over $80au! Hey, sometimes shipping cost to my place is not cheap though!

A very good news to share with you guys, DUGG will be giving away 1 4GB Ipod Nano each month throughout April, May and June 2007. all the sales will eligible for the draw. Why wait? Order something from DUGG now, who know you might be the winner for the Ipod!