Monday, May 21, 2007

PayU2blog new look

Finally PayU2blog upgraded their system, now they no longer sending task to us via email. We can actually log on to their web and check our task, same as other advertiser. Frankly, their web look presentable and easy to understand too. Bravo to PayU2blog team member. But their main page still look a scum to me, hahaha.....if can change to more friendly look, I think more blogger will it more. :)

I like PayU2blog coz their requirement is simple, only needs 60 words and no slot post require too! Though the payout is only $5 per post, but it is enough for me due to the wording is lesser as compare to others advertiser. More ever their payment is very prompt, once every two weeks. Join them today, if you have not sign up by now!