Monday, May 21, 2007

They are fighting

Last night, as usual, we brought the girls to watching lion dance rehearsal. While they practice half way, we can saw some of the teens run to the main gate, it seem something happen out there. Later I heard they said some teenagers are about to fight outside. I start worry what will happen next, I only concern we will be unlucky victim only, plus I have 2 girls with me. Once the last groups finish the lion dance, I told hubby better we go home now.

Reach main gate, saw lot of teenagers standing at main road, they seem like gangsters to me. Just before we enter our car, I saw some of them start fighting. We not sure what is the root cause, but saw the guy fight till fall into drain, I feel the pain for him.*sigh* Why need to fight wor? Cannot sit down have a slow talk kah? I really not understand youngster nowadays. Too aggressive!!

Let me write the story later...stay tune.