Sunday, May 20, 2007

Squirrel is gone.

Our house has a squirrel since one year ago. It was given by SIL’s MIL, who caught it in her durian tree area. The reason she gave to us is to let my girls see how a squirrel look like. But after that my girls refuse to let it go, so my MIL later put it in a cage. Since then it become my girls pet. They feed it with fruits, biscuit, bread, anything they eat; they will share with their squirrel too.

Hubby and I felt sorry for the squirrel, many times we told the girls to release it. But they not allow. But this morning, very strange, both of them come and told papa, to release the squirrel. I feel glad when I heard that.

Guess what? At night, it came back again. I think it must be dam hungry and couldn’t find any food, that’s why come back to us. The girls very happy when they saw it. We did take catch it and put back to cage coz we want it to have freedom like other animals.