Thursday, May 17, 2007

4 hours - waste my time!!!

Today another MEET + THINK (meeting) session with bosses and other dept managers. Frankly, I dislike the meeting, it took too long hour to finish the meeting. Like I said before, if they talk/discuss constructive ideas, then fine. But this is not, again talk crap and rubbish. What's annoying me is the boss keep scolding and finding fault on us, where he actually did not know what is the real story before the cases.

Expected, today meeting took me 4 hours by just sitting in the conference room and listen to them. 4 hours!!! Imagine, I can finish so many pending jobs with the 4 hours or even finish my blog hopping too. I felt headache again after the meeting, as usual.


snoopy said...

Hey, have anyone in the room ever mention about the meeting is too long? or they are just happy to relax a bit from the job in the plant?