Saturday, May 05, 2007


I had worked with three bosses so far and all of them like to decor their house with bonsai tree. I wonder is this the only hobby for rich family like them? Later I only found out bonsai is related to feng shui. Many Chinese believe that bonsai trees able to bring wealth to you if you place them correctly in the house.

Look like I also have to start learning to plant one bonsai at home, hopefully it will bring me luck other than wealth. However my knowledge to bonsai tree is limited. I even no idea how to grow and take care of bonsai tree. Lucky I found some useful tips and guides from a web namely BonsaiGardener pertaining to planting a bonsai. The author of the web, Erik Olsen had written more than 200+ articles on how to plant and provide tree care for your bonsai tree. It is very useful for beginner like me. I shall take some time study the bonsai gardening secret before I really go and plant bonsai in my house.