Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fun @ Disney World

School break is approaching, hubby plan to bring Lyon to immigration to do a passport for her. Having a passport in hand for the Lyon is easier for us to bring them anywhere and anytime. Wien already got her passport in year 2003 and she had been used it one time so far.

Our travel mission is to visit all 6 Disney worlds if possible. So far we had visited Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Paris. Wien enter Disney world HK before, she know the attractions there. But not Lyon, she is envy her sister got chance to take pictures with cartoon celebrities. She been telling us many times that she want to go Disney World too. Hehehe….we have to save more money first only afford to bring both of them to Disney World.

Nowadays we can get Disney World tickets online with discounted price. Lots of web providing online booking for Disney World packages, including too. I must book mark for my future reference and get my discounted Disney tickets with them.