Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lovely cake

This year for Wien's birthday cake I spent more than as usual budget. Not becos I am rich now but I got extra income from writing paid posts. This make me willing to take out the money and spend for her. Hubby no objection too coz he know my pattern, am more willing to spend for the girls than myself.

Wien very surprise when first saw the cake and excited too! But Lyon a bit disappointed coz she know the cake is not belong to her. She even told me next time should buy 2 cakes, one for jie jie, one for her. Oh no, I had made her feel jeolous! Feeling little bit of guilty actually. I quickly console her that mummy definetely will buy a cute cake for her coming BD too. Then only she feel better. Never under-estimate Lyon, she got feeling at such young age now!


karenyiau said...

The cake is so lovely, where did you get it from?

snoopy said...

I also want...!Can I be your "daugther angkat"?