Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Planning for something...

My MIL going to Singapore for a short visit by end of May. She will be there for 2 days, that’s mean I have to be SAHM again, to take leave to take care my 2 girls. Told hubby, I might plan a short trip too, so that we will not wasted the 2 days by just sitting at home. Hehehe….but where to go then? Got to plan now, else I really will end up staying at home.

I am also thinking to get a passport for Lyon. With passport in hand then we can travel anywhere as and when we like. First place to go is of course Singapore coz this is the nearest oversea country to us. LOL


snoopy said...

Why not go to French Village in Bukit Tinggi. Two days is enough and I heard there will be offer if you go off peak.