Monday, May 07, 2007

Reschedule meeting

My boss very funny. He likes to fix date for meeting but most of the time he fly aeroplane to us. Most of us happy if the meeting cancel or postpone coz save our time. Yeah, all of us dislike attending meeting, they all rubbish more than providing suggestive suggestions. I am the most pity person actually. They talk talk talk, after meeting, all pretend nothing happen, and poor me have to prepare the minutes. Most of the time I have to crack my head to write the minutes. They jump topic too, this make me hard to record most points. *sigh*

Recently my boss asked me reschedule his meeting again, from Monday change to Wednesday. But I am quite reluctant to do so coz I knew his pattern. He will change it again later. Ya, he will! Then my collegua going to "tembak" me again....


snoopy said...

You know why he change so often?...I think he do not know what to do with all those who attend in the Meet ... Think (meeting) because everybody meet then start nothing is concrete..LOL