Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sick & Tired

Both my girls are sick and they are driving me crazy in this Labour Day. I love holidays coz this is the day to stay with family member. But I hate it too if the girls are sick. They tend to very stick to me when they sick. Yeah I know most kids are like that. But MIL told me, when she take care them while me in office, they are not so demanding. She said they purposely drive me crazy. Haih, I have to admit it is my fault for being too soft heartened. What a tiring weekend!

Wien is 80% recovery, still having some cough but Lyon is about 60% I think. Her problem is she refuses to take medicine. She only will take the orange color medicine (fever), the rest she will vomit out. However her fever is subsiding now, pending coughing and flu. She claimed that the medicine is bitter, not nice at all. No matter how I persuade her, it helpless to feed her medicine.

I don’t care, I will still force her to take medicine regardless she cry till so pity.