Friday, May 04, 2007

A trip to Jersey City

I love travel and one of my wish is to travel around the world if possible. Hubby and I have the same wish too. So far we only ever travel to 6 countries of Europe, still not cover half of the earth yet. We not even touch the land of United States yet and hubby suggest next vacation shall visit US if can. That’s mean we have to save more money now, but lucky US currency rate is quite low now. It’s best time to travel to US by now.

If we will to go US, we will choose either California or Jersey City. I had found a great site where it can be our trip planner to Jersey City. It will help us plan a trip by creating our own unique, printable itinerary for traveling around Jersey City. Other than arranging hotel booking for us, it also helps in doing reservation for dinner as well as mode of transport according to our destination. if you want, they also can call for theater tickets or making plans for you to meet with your US friends for a meal or drink.

The trip planner will arrange everything for your travel and you can travel with relax mode. Have a great trip!