Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BP monitor for MIL

My mother in law has high blood pressure problem since she is age 55 year old. She has to take medicine constantly to control her blood pressure. Occasionally she needs to visit the hospital to take the reading of her blood pressure as well as her pulse reading.

However due to tight working schedule, sometimes we got no time to send her to hospital to do the check up. So I was thinking to buy a Blood Pressure Monitor for her, so that she able to do the reading by herself since most of the BP monitor has large digital display. I was told offer great prices for some brands of blood pressure monitor and also listed few brands for comparison; perhaps I should spend some time surfing online and order one for my MIL. But there are so many selections in, and I am not sure which is the best one that suits me. I shall check out with my family doctor before confirming my order!