Monday, August 27, 2007

Please keep a distance from me

I keep lot of pictures in my office pc. Therefore I dislike other staff use my pc without my permission, if they ever did that, I will scold them gao gao. So far, none of them dare to come and disturb me. Yeah, don’t underestimate me; I can be fierce to you if you dare to step on me.

Some people just don’t understand what privacy is. Perhaps you might say: eh, office’s pc sure store office document only mah, how come you store your family photos there? But let me tell you why I have personal photos in my pc.

The real reason is you might get bored in office or you might feel down or fuss while you work, so when I encounter all these, I will open my photo folder and see my photos. This will enlighten my day as well as kick away those unhappy feeling.


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