Thursday, August 23, 2007

Slow line….like snail…

Last night I only managed to online about 12am, after Lyon really fall asleep. Try to look for opp in tigaP but fail. Later login to Blogitive, wow, very surprise, I saw a lot new opp poping out. But when I try to grab, my line become so slow, slower than snail I tell you. So geram.

Chat with Eric, he also facing the same problem. He even cannot login to Blogitive. Finally I managed to grab some, then try to grab for Eric. After that tried to grab for other, lucky still managed to grab some for her, despite my line is super slow. Anyway, at least we got something to write now!


huisia said...

not only you, my line here also terrible, when i trying to grab the opp from bgt, situation same too...luckily still manage to grab :)