Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taurus Radiator

Radiator maintenance is crucial but gets ignored by most of the car owner. You know, when your car radiator blown, it not only cost you for a new radiator replacement, but also the engine overhaul which eat up the biggest portion of the money you pay for repair.

I learnt the lesson. Therefore I make sure I check my car radiator every week end or before I go for long distance journey. I quickly replace the radiator if I found it is out of shape.

There are many type of radiator available in the market, from China made no brand to branded radiator. Sometime the specification also quite confusing, it varies from years of manufacturing, like Ford Taurus Radiator. There are so many type of radiator specification from year 1986 to 2006 models and you may need expert advice from if you come into such situation.

I only ask for good quality one. I don't mind to pay a little more to ensure my car never breakdown due to radiator failure.