Friday, August 24, 2007

8 random facts about ME

Another tag for me. 8 random facts about me from pretty mummy, AllThingsPurple. This is easy tag to me, coz we should know ourself better than anyone else, right?

Here there are:

1. When I am single, I love shopping very much, mostly go for window shopping. I only buy thing when I got my salary. After marriage, I really one window shopping kaki, no buy thing even during pay day coz my girls will disturb me.

2. I love to cook during weekend. Be it simple dish or more complicated type. Eat out from Mon – Fri, so for weekend, for sure I will cook unless special occasion like wedding anniversary or birthday.

3. I nap with the kids during weekend if no outing. Unlike other mummies who will do house chores instead of napping…hehehe..Lazy me.

4. No do household chores during week day. All drag till weekend.

5. I will cry when someone quarrel with me. No good in quarrel skill.

6. I am a snaking queen in office when bosses not around.

7. Love to bring along my camera whenever I go.

8. My singing not bad, even won few prizes ler! LOL