Friday, August 24, 2007

Save money for travel purposes

If you think I go for vacation every year is because I am damm rich, then you are wrong. Let me tell you why I afford to go for vacation yearly with my family member.

Hubby and I have a saving account respective that solely for travel purposes. We name it as travel fun account. Hubby will subsidy for the elder girl whereas I will subsidy for my youngest girl. Fair deal, right?

Each month we will contribute like RM100 into the account without fail. Of course we can contribute more if we like, depend the balance after minus all other expenses. We started this since we graduate from college, and when accumulated till certain amount, we will took out some and plan for vacation. For local trip, not much money needed, as for vacation abroad, then we have to save more or wait for longer period.

Well, that is our planning for family vacation. You can use the tips if you want!


snoopy said...

Great idea....but I thk with blogging you dont have to wait too long for a vacation,right?