Thursday, August 30, 2007

Strengthen his muscles

My hubby is a tall person, much much taller than me. Whenever we walk together, I am sure will gain lots of eye stare from other people. This is because I am a short person; our height is about 10 inch different. Hehe…one short and one tall person, sure people will look at you with their funny face expression. Anyway I already get use to this, not a big deal to me. The God had made us as unique couple. LOL

Though hubby is a tall person but he doesn’t has a strong muscle at his arms as well as other body part. He is quite thin actually. He was thinking to install Pull Up Bars at home and do exercise more frequently. So that he able to strengthen the muscles in the upper body, and stronger his arm muscles indirectly. Not a bad idea after all. By strengthening these back muscles now, we are actually reducing our odds of hurting our back in the future.