Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dislike Double Doing My Job

Though I am having simple job here but sometimes I dislike to do double work which mean do the same work twice. I am sure many of you dislike doing this too. However sometimes it is unavoidable in office life, coz not all people are smart like me..wuahkakakaka…..

See, sometimes my boss will also ask me do the same job twice, can I say NO? No way, right? Anyway I had been paid for the service, just follow instruction and do whatever he like. Lucky now everything is done by computer, if still in MANUAL world ( I mean typing using type writer), then I die long time ago lor…LOL


snoopy said...

Hoho...I have been doing it for many times and not just that I am also doing other ppl part...so, what to do unless we already "kaya, kaya..." if not,just do and do as long as they are happy!!!!