Thursday, August 23, 2007

Showing concern?

Today my GM start questioning the issue I brought up during yesterday meeting. I think he must be thinking why I did not highlighted the issue to him first instead of voicing my fuss in the meeting. Hehehe....not that I purposely do that, I already sent out my request and problem via internal email, why must I go and tell you personally? I want to save my time as well as other time too!

Please also don't ask me do double work, I will voice out to you too. This act will show how stupid you are to me. If you not happy with my way, you can straight tell me but don't ever ask me do duplicate work. I hate that. Wasting my precious time only. I rather do the time to do my bayar post! LOL

When talk about working life, there are endless stories to tell here. I will try to record here from time to time!