Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's time to change car

Two months ago, hubby keeps throwing below questions to me:

- You want big car or small car?

- You want new car or Used Cars?

- Manual car or auto car?

I did not give him a proper answer coz I have no intention to change car yet. Further more my existing car still can move, only a bit high cost when come to maintenance. The main reason I refuse to change car is I don’t want to bear any loan right now; I enjoy my debt free status. However hubby has his own view, he commented that my existing car already more than 11 years by now, it is time to change to another car, either new car or Used Cars that still in good condition.

Finally I accepted hubby’s suggestion after think twice of above consideration. Then he starts to shop for car, either check with car agents or search online. He prefers to shop online coz lot of websites nowadays did offer searching tool to look for used autos for sale. One of the great site offer such service is where it can guide you through hundreds and thousands of used autos with their easy-to-use Guided Search.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find any used car, just check out at