Friday, August 31, 2007

I Am Not Alone Now

It is mid night now yet I still up here. What else I do if not online…hehe….yeah, got to finish pending bayar post now, so that I can start enjoy my long break starting tomorrow. Hubby and I had planned few activities for the girls, hopefully nothing happen and we able to make it.

Why I mentioned I am not alone in my title. Coz my hubby is with me now, usually if tomorrow is weekend, he will accompany me online. However most of the time I will chase him go to bed first instead of waiting for me. I will feel guilty.

His other reason is he wants to catch mosquitoes that come and disturb me. So while I am typing, I can see his mosquito racket keep waiving beside me! Hahaha……that’s my hubby.


Vien said...

Wah, your hubby so lomantik ar..swat the mozzies for you while you're "working".