Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goji Berries

I had tried berries and blueberries fruit before but yet to try out Goji Berries. In oversea countries like Europe and United States, there is the season for berries and the price is dirt cheap if compare to if I buy from local market. I wonder does this goji berries is as tasty as blueberries or not. Perhaps I should try it out. However I only can get it via online store since I couldn’t get it locally here.

While browsing through online, I spotted we actually can order Goji Juice> from Their goji berries are grown in Himalayas’s fertile valley and they are officially certified as being chemical and contaminant-free, and naturally dried in semi-shade. Besides goji juice, we also can get dried goji berries from the site too. ok, I will try out both goji juice and dried goji berries since my family members are fruit lovers for all kind of fruits.


Anonymous said...

My daughter has had

this for almost 3 months now and is very pleased with it. It heats rapidly and her hair doesn't look dry after using it. It doesn't seem to have the "cord" issues that she had with her chi.