Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun time with your kids

It’s summer school holiday now but the weather is not so good. Sometimes the weather is real hot but sometimes it is heavily rain outside. You could not go for outdoor activity or even go to shopping mall. What do you do with the kids? My kids don’t like to stuck in home, they prefer go to car porch or the mini garden to play with swing or cycling. However with bad weather, they cannot do anything. They will feel bored and will come and disturb me very frequent too!

Well, you can guide them do some fun and easy crafts. If you’ve no ideas how to do all these, just make use of your internet and search for educational and entertainment content for them. There are plenty of useful sites that offer variety of hand crafts activity for kids. Alternatively you can get Free Clip Art for Kids at ALFY where you can teach your kids to download their favorite clip art images into the computer, later guide them to either draw it out by using the Drawing features in Ms Word or place it as wallpaper. I am sure they will have fun by doing so.

ALFY It is one of the most popular destination sites for kids coz besides clip art for kids, it also offers hundreds of online games, cartoons, movie clips, puzzles, coloring page and many more. Check out ALFY and have a fun time with your kids!