Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am not a night owl

You Are an Afternoon Person
You can find energy any time of the day ... or night! You prefer to be out and about when most other people are. Very early mornings or very late nights aren't really your thing. You're practically solar powered, and the afternoon is when do best.

During school life in secondary & college, I AM NOT A NIGHT OWL actually. I used to sleep late, either do my revision or go out to mamak stall to have tea chat with my classmates or house mates. After enter working life, no more night life for me but occasionally will go out to karaoke with friends. But still will go home before 1am, coz my mom will making noise if too late.

After marry and having kids, totally do not have night life, be it chatting in mamak stall or go out with friends. Once the kids turn in, I already die tired, doz z off together with them lor...