Thursday, August 23, 2007

Velvet Clothing for myself

If you ask me prefer which type of fabric material for my kids, my answer will be 100% Cotton all the time. This is due to cotton fabrication is so comfy and comfortable when you put on kids body. It also absorbs sweat easily and the kids will not feel uneasy too.

However for my clothing, besides cotton quality, I will look for velvet apparel during shopping spree. Usually I prefer to wear velvet clothing to attend dinner or any function coz it look nicer and elegant as compare to other apparel. Look at below velvet dress, don’t you think it suitable to wear to any party or functions!

Velvet basic tees suitable to wear in any occasion and most of time I will wear it to shopping mall. It is pretty simple to match it with just a pair of jean, put on velvet tee and shoe, then just headed to shopping mall. On ya, I also wear it to office as my office attire not so strict.

Actually you can find lot of velvet clothes selection in TOBI – HOME, an Internet fashion company which run by experienced entrepreneurs like Corina Nurimba, Catherine Chow and Next Internet LLC. Their velvet clothing not only restricted to basic tees and dress, they also have it for knits and sweater. Check out the site for more images of the clothing, I am sure you may one that suit your taste.


Anonymous said...

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