Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reliable Products

Lately I am having skin problem, my face look dull and lots of pimples too. Hubby commented probably due to lack of sleep and stress during working hour. I think I have to admit it since lately I really stay up late, finish some of my pending post. I know I should do it so often as it will affect my outlook as well as my skin problem.

Sometimes I just brush teeth and wash my face with facial, then go to bed, without applying any night cream. This is another reason why my skin looks dull lately. Hehe… its all my fault. However I also noticed my skin care product seem did not show very good result after I applied it, probably my skin structure has changed. I was wondering should I change my existing set of skin care products. But my concern is I am not sure what else brands of products suit my skin type. It is not easy to find actually.

One of my female friends recommended me to refer Trust Source, where I can find the guideline on which type of skin care products that suit my needs. She added that all the products listed in Trust Source will be evaluated and compared for the claims they had make. They will also rank the products and allow customers to make comparison. Customers also able to leave feedback as review and do the product ranking according to their experience. Thus allowing other customers to use it as guideline when selecting the products.

Some of the proven products that listed in Trust Source are provillus for hair loss treatment, cellulite cream helps to reshape your body figure or diminish stretch marks or eliminating inches. They also have medicine that able to cure hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, eliminates headaches and backaches.

Since products listed in Trust Source are proven with record, thus I think there are safe apply onto my face. I shall give it a try.