Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another business for me

My Ebay business getting slow lately, sometimes I even earn nothing in a month. I spend so much time on listing my items, sending email to Ebay buyer’s inquiries, but still no any business was deal at the end. I feel quite frustrated and thinking to terminate my account in Ebay too.

But my best friend advise me continue the business and she also suggests me to include Sunglasses in my items list. She was saying sunglasses market is good coz everyone wants to look smart, especially teenager in new generation. She advise me to get Wholesale Sunglasses for replica brand at a vast discounted price, then I can earn money from there. Of course I cannot sell high price for replica brand of sunglasses since people tend to compare it with branded sunglasses. But she assured me that I still can lot of profit by mark up the price to certain profit margin.

Ok, perhaps I should give this business a try. If I no try, then I will never know whether I can earn money or not.