Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spicy Lunch

Just now went out for lunch with some of my Malay colleagues. They suggest to bring me and other Chinese colleagues to try Malay food at one of the store.

We used to pass by this stall every time go for lunch, however so far we never enter the stall and try it out. Since they told us the food not bad, we decided to taste it.

Reach the place, it already crowded with so many customers. The owner serve us rice, and we just scope the dishes as much as you like. Wow, most dished and food are spicy type. There are rendang chicken, curry fish, mutton curry, beef curry, sambal sotong and many other type. You just name it!

I tried sambal sotong and rendang chicken. Very nice, spicy enough! Lucky the stall did serve us cold water for free, else we have to order separately. Overall the food not bad, I like it! But some of my colleagues commented too spicy and they seem could not take it! :)