Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attitute Problem

Another so-called manager level staff came and disturbs me just now. He really treated me as typist today. I feel unfair to me so I rejected his request on the spot. He wants me type a memo to courier Service Company in order to collect back our goods on our behalf. I ever did that but for my own stuff which relate to my job scope. In fact I had told him the basic points to include in the memo, but he seem not understand and wants me do for him also. This time I don’t want to tolerate since I still have pending job to do at that moment. I IGNORE HIM. Yup, I treat him as transparent. Hey, he is manager, he has 3-4 clear and executive in his room, can’t he ask either one to do for him? Why must ask me? I am not his subordinate after all? I have the right to reject him, am I right? Anyway, I insisted reject him. If he wants to report to my boss, go ahead. I am not scare him anyway. Stupid manager.