Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Email Down

Past 2days my office email cannot receive email. The system kept showing error to me, said my username and password is WRONG. But I clearly remember that I never go and amend my password so far.

I call my IT boy for help. He is a new guy and joins us not even one month. He has IT knowledge but he cannot solve my problem. After 20 mins, he still clicks & clicks at my keyboard, I start feel nervous coz I have many pending job and I wish he can settle it quickly. Another 10min gone, I told him settle his job first, later only come to me. Actually I want to chase him out! LOL

The whole day I not check email, for outstanding work from supplier, I just called them and do follow up. The next day, I try login to check my email, it’s ok already.

Phew…lucky become ok now coz I dun think my IT guy can solve my problem. If problem unsolved, I will call my previous IT guy! Hehehe….