Thursday, August 23, 2007

Relief her pain

Lately my mom keeps complaining to me that her legs getting painful after a short distance walking. I wonder what is the cause of her pain, either due to her old age or lack of calcium consumed. I did ask her to drink more milk, to regain more calcium, so that she will not have bone pain issue. However my mom character is like me, dislike milk. I even skipped milk intake during pregnancy period too! Lucky I wallop some calcium pill to boost up my calcium intake daily.

Some told me perhaps my mom can try to use Foot Pain Relief to relief the pain easily. it is also easy to use, just peel, apply and go! But it is not easy to ask my mom use it coz she still prefer traditional medicine to cure most of her pain. Hmm…I shall coax her to use it just like how I coax my girl to take medicine! LOL