Thursday, August 23, 2007

*Sigh* Another vacation gone!

Yesterday management has a long meeting with us. After the meeting, every one of us feels not happy with the announcement given by my big boss. He was saying our company profit go deficit, he wants us to find way to reduce the expenses as well as any cost that might not have good benefit to the company. Yeah, market getting competitive now; it is hard to find new business too, what’s more getting new order from existing customer. Other than that, we also facing problem that some customer took too long time to make payment for us.

Another very bad news from boss is: he holds back our yearly increment which supposes to implement by this month. My goodness, this is really big shock news to all of us I tell you. We all are hoping to get the increment badly. Every thing up price now except our pay. Looks like I have to bid farewell to my Hawaii trip which I schedule to make it end of this year. At first I thought hubby and I try to stay in Hawaii home rentals during the Hawaii trip but now I think I have to postpone my trip to next year. You see, without increment, also mean less income for me. Hopefully by next year, my boss will fulfill his promise and grant us the increment.


snoopy said...

Haha...someone said only the prod supervisor being hold. I knew that cannot be true...because ur KLH cannot only let his dept being hold...So, my guess is correct after all...