Friday, August 17, 2007

Sexy Lingerie

Next month will be my 8th year of wedding anniversary, not sure whether my hubby will give me any surprise present or not. Anyway, I have to start crack my head to think of something for him now. Last year I gave him a G-shock watch; this year perhaps I will look for sport shoe since his shoe had a big hole now.

I will only shop for thing that he need the most, other wise he might commented that waste of money if I buy him things that he dislike or useless to him. He is a practical family man; hardly spend money on unnecessary items. If he ask me what is my wish list for the wedding anniversary, I am going to tell him get me sexy lingerie wear from BitsofLace. The well known brand featured in BitsofLace is Prima Donna Bras which has such styles as the Prima Donna Satin Bra, Prima Donna Menton Bra and the Prima Donna Sambal Bra. Their bra product range given us ultimate comfort and good support that we need. Most female will look for this brand when they shop for sexy lingerie from BitsofLace.