Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He is away ...... again!

Yippie….my big boss will go for vacation starting today, total 7 days. When he is not in office, I can take a breath at least. I can do less typing and less email corresponding for him too.

This around he is going to China.....yeah, China again!

Not understand him like why China so much. Last year he also went China together with family member and friends. This year go again. Not sien meh???

If I will him, I will go to other places except China. I have negative thinking about China actually. China food not safe to consume too. My hubby dislikes China too. A lot of comments and complaints you can hear from him about China stuff. China people are suck! All business minded and tricky minded too!

Anyway, since he likes China so much, go go la. I can blog blog blog during his absent! LOL