Wednesday, March 14, 2007

10 reason why I marry hubby from Tangkak

Kena tag by Msau, mom to SQ & is the 10 reasons why I marry my hubby from Tangkak...

1. Many of my friends suggest to me to hunt for boyfriend during University or college time, coz usually those who able enter this place wan should be good guy lar. LOL

2. He is friendly, understanding, caring, willing to share everything with me and has creative mind that attract my attention.

3. Tangkak is a fabric heaven. I love sewing and love to buy beautiful fabric too, so in Tangkak I can find any kind of fabric that I like.

4. He is quite good looking guy among other competitors lor…:P

5. After few years enter working life, I still cannot find other guy that better than him.

6. Tangkak quite near to my hometown, Melaka; I can go back very frequent.

7. My 6 sense told me: I will not regret marry him in future.

8. He helps me do household work during pak-tor time, I trust he is family type man and will do so after marry too. Until today he still helps me in household work.

9. Soft spoken type, never raise his voice to talk to me or even scold me.

10. He is NOT a smoker!

Ok, now I pass this tag to Mybabybay-Michelle, Grace & Jazzmint.