Thursday, March 22, 2007

Create your own music video!

Hey, listen here, all of us can be composer for our own music video now! This involve very simple steps too, just get your free download of fliptrack tool from; then you’ll be able to create a music video that match your photos to the lyrics and rhythm of music.

On top of that, you’re able to add custom effect to your photos if you want. The best part is you even can share this video with your friends or relatives by emailing them or embedding the video on your blog, be it in Blogger, Friendster, MySpace or Xanga.

Fliptrack provides hundreds of pre-licensed songs that allow us to download and add into the fliptrack video. No worry if you are not familiar how it work, just try to view an example from fliptrack and run the demo. Probably you can get an idea from there; or read their Frequent Asked Question if you still have any inquiry.

Download now to create your music video!