Saturday, March 10, 2007

Night Market

Went to night market just now, alone. usually I will bring along Wien and Lyon but time round I went alone. I am not going to buy anything from there, the reason I went is to exchange 3 panties from that auntie.

Before CNY, I bought a lot from her store, in a rush too, so I did not check properly while buying. Back home only realised the defect. Lucky she still remember me and allow me do the exchanging.


k, main point I wrote this post is, each time I went to night market, I can see at least 3 handicap person lying at the middle of the road, asking for contribution. I am pity them, I couldn't help much to them so usually I will give some money to them but frankly I did not give all the time. To me, how am I going to help all the time, plus the money I give also not much, 1 meal can settle the amount already. I always think how long they want to ask for people donation, how long they want to survive using this way? So many questions in my mind but I just couldn't help much. *sigh*