Friday, March 23, 2007

Post rejected by Blogsvertise

I had one post rejected by Blogsvertise. No idea what's cause the reject, coz I have 3 links included, original content and more than 3-5 paragraphs.

What I do now is try amending some content, double check the links and resubmit again today. Just put my finger cross hoping they will approve it.

Just back from Mumsgather's blog, where she blog about nofollow tag in new blogger that cause her post being rejected by Blogsvertise. This make me think twice that my post maybe due to this reason too, coz I just switched to new blogger too! Too bad, I need someone to help me, me not very familiar with html coding. Worry I might cause my whole blog gone if I do it myself. LOL


msaufong said...

no wonder you ask me about the no follow lah..

I know a little about it only very sure is able to help you or not..will try to read MG post in detail on tomolo and see I can help moh..

Madel said...

they reject mine because of the pagerank is down.

Madel said...

they shouldn't put the bag under in my blog if it is not availbele for me..I've wasted my time to post it..d***.